Colour guide

We strive for you to be completely happy with your choice of our clothes.
However, as we try to design and sew our products with utmost care,
we understand that event the most beautiful od them will not put a smile on your face,
if upon receiving them you feel that their colours do not resemble those you have seen on the photos in our online store.

For this reason, we have prepared the colour guide we present to you below.
We hope that it will help you answer all your colour and shade associated questions,
and that it will provide you with a clear idea of what each of our beautiful colours looks like in real life.

In it you will find a number of pictures of different products in particular colours,
taken on different occasions, during photoshoots with different lighting
and with models with different appearances and complexions.

We hope that examining those pictures helps you decide which of our colours is the perfect one for you!



Sweater structure viscose