Payment, promotional codes and promotions

What types of payment are accepted?

You offer several options of payment. You can choose the quick electronic PayU payment. In a safe and convenient way, we will redirect you to the webpage where you can choose your bank and make the payment. If you do not want to log into your bank, you can also enter your credit card details. We support MasterCard and VISA. Another option is payment by PayPal.

It is possible to make a bank transfer by yourself without any payment system. In such a case, please make the payment directly to our bank account. The details of out bank account will appear after you confirm your purchase (after choosing the option of paying by bank transfer) and you will also receive them in purchase confirmation email. the email. Please remember to enter the order number as the payment title. Once the payment is credited to our account, your order will be accepted for processing.


Is making purchase at your store safe?

We have installed the SSL certificate on our website. This ensures information confidentiality and encryption. You can feel safe.


How long do I have to make the payment if I chose to pay via bank transfer?

Sometimes our Clients chose to pay via bank transfer and never make the payment. Thats normal, everybody has the right to change their mind.

However as we strive to limit the wasteful production on our end, we aim to make the clothes or pieces of fabric put on hold for such orders, available to other Clients as soon as possible. That is why we cancel the orders that have not been paid for 3 working days after receiving them.

If you did make the transfer, yet you are anxious that we did not receive it on time and we might cancel your order, just send us an email with the confirmation of payment and we will make sure that your order is safe.



Can I combine a promotional code with other promotions?

You will often find that we offer promotional coupons that apply to products in particular colour, print or from a chosen product category (such as showroom or outlet). Those promotional coupons can not be combined with other promotional coupons and do not work on products with previously reduced price.

Coupons that reduce the final sum of the purchases (called the cart coupons), do apply to the products on promotion. However they cannot be combined with other promotional coupons.

Individual, single-use coupons that we offer our Clients (for example as a refund for their return between the 14th and the 30th day)  do apply to products with previously reduced price. They also combine with other promotional coupons unless there has been an exclusion upon their delivery to the Client.