Custom orders

How to place a custom order?

Most of our products, among the available color options, already have the “custom order” selection option on the product page.

If you would like to order a personalized product, you need to choose the closest size and later that option from the available colors. In the next step of the order process, you should enter the information in the “Remarks to the order” about the personalization of the product: changes to particular dimensions of the ordered product or chosen color.

You can also place a custom order by email at:

Which orders will have a status of custom orders?

EACH order in which we change, at the request of the Customer, any of the parameters of the ordered garment, we treat as a custom order. For example, a dress in size S with one of the colors from our regular offer will become a custom order, if the Customer would like to shorten the sleeve by only 1 cm and the same would happen with a skirt which the Customer would like to lengthen by 2 cm.

Undoubtedly, any item from our offer deriving from our standard color range which can be found on our product data page, is a custom order.


Why are custom orders not subject to the right of return?

Our intention is to reduce the number of cloths that are sewn needlessly and dangle sadly on hangers without the possibility to find a new owner.

Therefore, if we change parameters of a particular garment, we cannot take it back because in 99% of cases there will not be another Customer with similar parameters who would like to buy it. On the other hand, if we sew a dress in a standard size but in a color not from our regular range of a given model and we do not have photos of this garment that could be presented on our website, which makes it difficult for as to find it a new home.


What can I change in the custom order?

As each of our garments is cut out and sewn by hand by our amazing seamstresses, our Customers have a lot of freedom in changing the size and shape of our products when they place a custom order.

We can easily change the waist or bust circumference, the length of the skirt or sleeve and in some cases even the neckline depth in our garment As long as the changes in particular parameter do not exceed the “one size up or one size down” limit.

If the changes to particular parameters were to be greater or concern other parameters, it may occur that it can be impossible from the design point of view.
In such situations we contact the Customer who placed the custom order and we agree together the best possible solution.

How long will I wait for my custom order

We try to complete custom orders within the standard production time of 10 working days. Nevertheless, it happens sometimes that due to the level of complexity of the design resulting from the implemented changes, this time may be extended to 15 working days.