How to choose the right colour?

Where can I find the guide to colours?

We try very hard to make sure that when ordering their clothes at By Your Side, our Clients always receive exactly the kind of products they expected they would. That is why we put extreme care into the postproduction proces of the photographs of our products, making sure they reflect the exact colours and shades of our fabrics. It is natural though, that each colour tends to look different depending on the type of lighting it was photographed in.
We prepared our  COLOUR GUIDE in order to allow you to examine how each of our colours plays out in different lighting conditions.
In it, you will find a number of pictures of each of the fabric colours we offer, shot on different occasions, in different lighting conditions and varying surroundings.

You will find a smaller version of the colour guide on our Instagram profile.


Can I request a color swatch?

Yes.  We have a lot of colors and shades of various knits in our range and we understand that sometimes it can be challenging to make a decision based only on photos. That is why, the Customers who would like to see our knits with their own eyes are offered a possibility to receive a swatch book from us.

If you have placed an order, you can write to us and ask for samples of chosen colors to be sent together with the shipment. We will send pieces of these knits together with your order, so you can compare the shades and decide which best highlights your skin tone.

If you would like to receive the swatch book before placing the order, we will be happy to prepare it for you. Unfortunately, despite we do not charge you for the swatch book because we want you to make the best possible decision choosing products from our collection, we charge a standard fee of PLN 15 for the InPost shipment to the parcel locker.

To order your color swatch book CLICK HERE