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Infinity MIDI dress

From € 93

Light and vibrant. The skirt is 73 cm long in total, which makes for the perfect length: short enough to make one feel light and comfortable, yet still appropriate for more formal occasions.

Infinity Dress Mini at a glance:

  • classic viscose with 4% elastane admixture to make the dress breathable and easily keep its original cut
  • cut hung on a wide elastic, which does not allow the dress to “wander” or wrinkle where it should not
  • two pockets hidden in the side seams
  • hemmed bottom

We add an extra tube-top to the dress to allow you even more combinations to wear it. Now just choose the color perfectly suited to your complexion and conquer the world!


€ 125.00


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We sew to order
We sew to order
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Może spodobają Ci się również...

Może spodobają Ci się również...

We sew to order
If you like this product and you wish to alter the size, to best fit your body type, we can sew it for as a custom order!