The Infinity collection

Unique cut

The Infinity dress is a loose skirt with an elastic waistband and two straps. You can tie the top of the dress by yourself and style the neckline endless ways.

Thanks to the bindings, you can become a new version of yourself every time: delicate or wild, girlish, formal, sexy, pert or elegant. There are endless options od wearing that dress and your final look depends on you only.

Tie it as you like

Every time when you wear your Infinity dress, you can create a completely new style: simple, tied diagonally, with or without sleeves, with shoulder straps or weave around the neck. Exceptional, ideally suited to the occasion, mood or the weather.

Quality is essential

We don’t compromise. All our clothes are made at the request in a small design studio in Łódź. Each fabric roll comes from Poland. We use classic viscose with 4% elastane and 96% cotton in our designs. Moreover, all our fabrics are labeled Oeko-tex 100, which guarantees their safety.


We also put particular attention into the finishing touches of our garments: we make sure that the seams are durable and that the adhesives and folds are in the right places. This combination makes the dress breathable, touch-sensitive and will look as good as new for years.

One dress. Thousands ways to wear it.

Choose your lenght

Classical maxi and stylish or short, sharp and chic?
The Infinity dress is the same cut in four different lengths.